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Rankin I Stock I Heaberlin law office was founded in 1898 in downtown San Jose, California. They have the exclusive status as Santa Clara County’s oldest and most prominent law firm to this day. They have served multiple cities and county’s across Northern California for over 100 years. In addition, the firm has produced positive results in thousands of jury trials, arbitration, and settlements in civil suits, corporate disputes, major injury or death, employment litigation, public entity litigation, and civil rights. Throughout the firm’s history, many distinguished attorneys have contributed to our success. These distinguished attorneys include: Arthur G. Shoup (1880-1942), G. David Landsness (1944-1997), Maurice J. Rankin (1888-1975), Honorable William F. James (1875-1966), Hugh Stuart Center (1905-1977), Honorable Marshall S. Hall (1908-1990), Honorable John E. Longinotti (1914-1992) and Honorable William A. Ingram (1944-1997).

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